Get Your Holiday-Ready Smile – Cosmetic Options for You

December is here and we all know what that means – tons of pictures and memories made! At 5000 Yonge Dental, we’re thinking about our patients and ways to keep their smiles healthy this holiday season! December is the perfect month to give us a visit!

Services for you this Holiday Season

Services for you this Holiday Season

Are you looking to brighten or correct your smile for the holidays? Look no further. 5000 Yonge Dental has many services available to meet your dental needs this holiday season! Listed below are a few of our most popular services at this time of the year.

Teeth Whitening

  • With our teeth whitening services, we can help you remove any discolourations on your teeth and brighten your smile in a safe, convenient way! If you are considering teeth whitening services, there are two types available to choose from.
  • In-office teeth whitening: This is done with the use of a strong whitening solution and a bright light. This method will produce immediate results so that you can leave the office with a new, bright smile within a short period of time.
  • Customized take-home whitening kits: This is a more gradual treatment. The solution is not as potent as the solution our professionals use in-office. However, this option may be more suitable for you if you are looking for a more feasible alternative.

Veneers and Crowns

  • Veneers and crowns are thin pieces of tooth-shaped porcelain.
  • If you have severely discoloured or stained teeth, teeth that are too small or large, or teeth that are worn or chipped, porcelain veneers or crowns may be the answer for you. Our dentists customize the porcelain material to match your natural teeth in both shape and colour before they are bonded to your teeth.

Check-Up and Cleaning

  • Our dentists will examine your entire mouth to check for any abnormalities, cavities, discolourations, etc.
  • Our hygienists will provide you with a thorough dental cleaning. They will remove excess plaque from your teeth, which is important after eating a bunch of chocolate, candies, and other rich foods! Your teeth are at an increased risk for cavities and other oral health problems during the holiday season. This is why December is such a critical time to visit the dentist.

Want to learn more? Check out these “Seven Do’s and Don’ts of a Beautiful Holiday Smile.” 

Do you think you’ll be on the dentist’s naughty or nice list this year? Make sure to book an appointment with us at 5000 Yonge Dental before the New Year approaches. We look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve your smile goals!

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