Seeing Your Dentist During COVID-19

Seeing Your Dentist During COVID-19

In today’s post, our North York dentists review the protocols our team is following to ensure you can get the dental care you need while staying protected from the virus.

What should I know before seeing the dentist during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has affected our lives in every way, and you’ll notice even your dentist’s office has changed to keep our patients safe during the pandemic. Dentistry continues to be an essential service in Ontario, and our North York dentists want you to feel comfortable coming in for your appointment at 5000 Yonge Dental while COVID still continues to affect our community.

Your safety is always our priority, and that’s why we’ve implemented strict safety deadlines as part of our safedent protocols to ensure you have a safe, comfortable visit. These protocols include the following:

Enhanced Patient Protection Measures

Our staff wear more protective gear and personal protective equipment (PPE) than normal. Rooms are meticulously cleaned and disinfected, and all instruments are sterilized.

A Virtual Waiting Room

In our virtual waiting room, you can check in via text and wait outside until your room is ready.

Screening Assisted by Technology

Both before your appointment and on arrival at our office, you’ll be screened for COVID-19 risk factors and symptoms. We strive to ensure our clinic stays COVID-free. Your temperature may be taken with a touchless thermometer when you arrive. Team members are also regularly screened.

Air Filtration

High-efficiency air filtration systems continuously clean the air.

Cashless Payment

We are no longer accepting cheque or cash as payment as we strive to reduce infectious spread. Should you have any questions or concerns about cashless payment, please get in touch with us - arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Why should I still see my dentist during COVID-19?

One thing that hasn’t changed during these unprecedented times is that everyone still needs preventive care from a professional dentist. Once plaque has hardened into tartar, only special dental tools can be used to remove it.

Your dentist can also detect dental diseases such as gum (periodontal) disease and oral cancer early, or prevent them from developing further - an important reminder in a year when the last thing anyone needs is a painful cavity, fractured tooth or other dental emergency.

What other measures will be in place?

Here are some other measures we’ve implemented to protect the integrity of our patients’ and staff’s health and safety.

Physical Distancing

Appointments are spaced out to allow for physical distancing and time for the area to be disinfected between patients. Keep in mind this may mean you’ll notice less flexibility when scheduling your appointment.

Mask Policy & Hand Sanitizer

You’ll be asked to wear a face covering or mask while in the office except while being treated. You must also clean your hands with a 70-to-90 percent alcohol-based solution or soap and water when entering and leaving our office.

Fewer Items in Common Area

You won’t find any toys, magazines or other non-essential items in the office waiting room.

When should I reschedule my appointment or explore other care options?

Please stay home and call us to report symptoms and reschedule your appointment if you:

  • Have any flu-like symptoms (difficulty breathing, fever, cough)
  • Have been exposed to someone with COVID-19

If you require other dental care options in the meantime, ask about these when you call. Thanks for helping us keep our offices safe for everyone, and remember - we’re all in this together.

Have questions about our COVID-19 protocols? Contact our North York dentists today.

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