5 Foods That Cause Cavities to Form

5 Foods That Cause Cavities to Form

We all dread the moment our dentist spots a cavity in our mouth during an appointment. But did you know the food you eat can make it easier for plaque and tooth decay to take hold? In this post, our North York dentists provide a list of food that cause cavities to form. 

Cavity-Causing Foods

We know we need to maintain excellent oral hygiene to have healthy teeth that will be with us as long as possible. We can give ourselves an advantage by avoiding or minimizing cavity-causing foods in our diet. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Citric Fruits & Juices

Though fruit is part of a complete, healthy diet, citric fruit and juices can Even unsweetened fruit juice is full of natural acids and sugars that can damage our teeth and lead to decay. Drink fruit juice with a straw to lessen its contact with your teeth, and rinse with water after.

Sticky, Sugary Snacks

Many of us have sweet tooth we’re trying to tame. Even more reason to do so: to preserve your oral health and keep your teeth looking great.

Hard, sticky and sugary snacks such as jelly beans, lollipops, trail mix or even dried fruit (something many would consider a healthy snack) can all damage your teeth. If you do indulge once in a while, rinse with water after, and carefully brush and floss each tooth.

Carbonated drinks

Sipping on sugary drinks is a favourite lunchtime treat for many people, but the acid in carbonated soft drinks (including diet soda) is bad for your teeth. Like many of the other foods on this list, we suggest drinking a glass of water when indulging - or better yet, swap that pop for water entirely.

Hard Candy

By their nature, hard foods can put us in danger of a dental emergency such as a chipped or broken tooth. The hard candies you’ll find in many vending machines and convenience stores are also full of sugar that sticks around on our teeth. Sugarless gum is a better alternative.

Starchy Foods

Potato chips, crackers, bread and pasta are favourite foods for many almost any time, but that satisfying “full” feeling can come at a cost. The starch in the chips and other foods often gets trapped in our teeth and causes plaque buildup, which leads to tartar and tooth decay. If you do eat these, take extra care when flossing to remove all food particles stuck between your teeth.

Bonus: Caffeinated Coffee & Tea

Adding sugar to your coffee is another no-no when it comes to drinking coffee or tea. Not only can drinking these beverages frequently stain your teeth, caffeinated drinks can also dry out your mouth. If you do sip on these, offset them with plenty of water and resist adding sugar and other add-ons.

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